Monthly Archives: March 2012

Review of Jim Boykin’s Free Broken Link Tool

March 22, 2012

Jim Boykin recently released a free, but powerful tool, that can help you check on broken links, redirects, in addition to helping you generate a … read more

Google Instant Answers: Rich Snippets & Poor Webmasters

March 19, 2012

This is a pretty powerful & instructive image in terms of “where search is headed.” It’s a Yahoo! Directory page that was ranking in the … read more

Interview of Jonah Stein

March 17, 2012

I was recently chatting with Jonah Stein about Panda & we decided it probably made sense to do a full on interview. You mentioned that … read more

Branding & The Cycle

March 8, 2012

Since it took me a few hours to put together my SMX presentation I figured it was worth sharing that information on the blog as … read more

Why SEO Consultants Push Brand

March 8, 2012

At SMX I gave a presentation on brand & how Google has biased the algorithms toward brands. having already seeing the bulk of my argument … read more

Maximizing Google Analytics Insight for SEO with Custom Reports

March 6, 2012

Google Analytics – one of the most powerful tools for any SEO, assuming you know how to get the data you need from it. One … read more