Monthly Archives: February 2013

Don't Buy Link Rich Advertorials (Unless You're Google)

February 24, 2013

I understand Google’s desire to have a clean editorial signal & not wanting people to manipulate the web graph. But Google once again isn’t following … read more

We're Going Google…

February 22, 2013

In the search ecosystem Google controls the relevancy algorithms (& the biases baked into those) as well as the display of advertisements and the presentation … read more

Post-Panda: Data Driven Search Marketing

February 21, 2013

Now is the best and exciting time to be in marketing. The new data-driven approaches and infrastructure to collect customer data are truly changing the … read more

Growing the Search Pie

February 20, 2013

Growing search marketshare is hard work. At a recent investor conference Marissa Mayer stated that: “The key pieces are around the underpinnings of the alliance … read more

How Rich Will Listings Get?

February 20, 2013

As Google has went from ad platform for illicit content (both ways) to host of illicit content & reseller of legit content, they have cracked … read more

Identity vs Irrelevance

February 20, 2013

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally … read more

Comparing Desktop vs Mobile Usage

February 12, 2013

With so much interest and buzz around mobile and its impact on search, this recent study by the Harris Poll was telling and helpful from … read more

No Effort Longtail SEO Revenues, from FindTheBest

February 8, 2013

In our infographic about the sausage factory that is online journalism, we had a throw away line about how companies were partnering with FindTheBest to … read more

How To Write A Marketing Plan

February 8, 2013

A marketing plan is a document that outlines a set of actions necessary in order to meet specific objectives. It’s one of those things many … read more

How To Analyze An Industry

February 5, 2013

Are you planning on starting a new website but want to gauge how profitable the industry sector is before you do? Are you optimizing a … read more