Monthly Archives: October 2013

Optimizing The SEO Model

October 30, 2013

SEO has always been focused on acquisition. The marketing strategy, based on high rankings against keyword terms, is about gaining a steady flow of new … read more

How To Win In Local Internet Marketing: The Practical Guide For Small Businesses And Local Marketers

October 22, 2013

Once a training ground for novice SEOs, local search has evolved into a complex, unpredictable  ecosystem dominated by Google. Corporations and mom-and-pops shops alike are … read more

Productizing Your SEO Business

October 15, 2013

If you service clients, it’s quite likely that you’ve faced some of the same pain points I have when trying to design a “product” out … read more

Time For A Content Audit

October 2, 2013

“Content is king” is one of those “truthy” things some marketers preach. However, in most businesses the bottom line is king, attention is queen, and … read more